Basic Rules or Choosing Bed Linens

When buying a set of bed linens, everyone expects that they will last more than one year. In general, a correctly selected bedding can withstand many washings and will not lose its original appearance.

Criteria of choice Correct Bed Linens

When choosing bed linens, you need to pay attention to the description of the product, which is placed on the label. It contains information about the manufacturer. A company you can trust, usually indicates the full legal address, contact numbers and its name.

The label also contains information about the material from which bed linens is made. Such information necessarily contains the composition of the material.


When choosing bed linens, you should carefully consider its fabric. Such linens will very quickly lose its appearance and wear out.

It is necessary to carefully consider the seams and threads with which they are made. Good linen is treated with a special linen seam. It can withstand many washings. A sign of quality bed linens is the minimum number of seams. Sleeping on such a kit is very comfortable, since the seams will not rub the skin during sleep. All high-quality linen for the bed should be sewn with durable materials.

Also, when buying, you can also check the durability of the paint by rubbing it with your hand on the surface of the product. High-quality textiles leave no traces of paint.

Characteristics of Various Linen Fabrics

Each material has its own characteristics that should be considered when buying a set of bed linens. It is better to choose coarse calico sets. They most optimally combine a low price and good consumer qualities. This set will last long enough as everyday bedding.

For the cold season, knitted terry sets of bedding are suitable. Such linen does not crease and holds heat well. Buy only the product made from natural cotton.

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